We’re Making Real Progress for Myanmar

Dear Alyson:
Sanctions by the US and European Union have left the Myanmar military scrambling for money. According to Myanmar NOW, since the US and EU imposed sanctions on key army-controlled banks and oil companies, over half a billion dollars of oil and gas money is being held in foreign bank accounts out of the military’s reach. The junta now faces significant obstacles in receiving oil and gas revenues.

Let’s keep up our struggle to end the Myanmar military’s atrocities. Would you make a one-time or recurring gift to support our work through year-end?

Working together, we successfully lobbied for these US and EU sanctions on the military. We also used our consumer and shareholder power to force oil giants Chevron and TotalEnergies to withdraw from Myanmar.

Together, we’ve built a powerful campaign to end the rule of the Myanmar military.

However, we face a gap between the money we’re raising and the $50,000 we need to sustain our work. We have ambitious plans to help you, our supporters, play your part in ending Myanmar military rule in 2023. That’s why we ask you now for your financial help.

The people of Myanmar need our sustained support. Would you please make a gift of $60, $120, or $250 today?

You are the Campaign for a New Myanmar. Your collective voices have had a significant impact.

1. Congress heeds your voice. Thanks to thousands of your emails, phone calls, and meetings, last year Congress passed the BURMA Act that further holds the military to account.
2. You put effective pressure on the White House. Since the coup, the U.S. Administration has been a leader in imposing further tough and targeted sanctions on the military and its business interests.
3. Your campaign of “citizen sanctions” forced companies to end partnerships with the Myanmar military. You successfully pressed beer giant Kirin, luxury jeweler Harry Winston, and even oil company majors TotalEnergies and Chevron to end their business partnerships with the Myanmar military.
4. But more challenges lie ahead. As Myanmar recedes from the news headlines, we need your support — now more than ever — to build and deepen our worldwide movement in support of the peoples of Myanmar.

Your gift of $60, $120, or $250 will help us raise the resources we need through year-end to raise up the Myanmar people’s voices in the corridors of power.

The International Campaign for the Rohingya — and our Campaign for a New Myanmar — receive 100% of our support from people like you. Your individual donations fuel our movement to support the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and our No Business With Genocide campaign that hits hard against the Burmese military’s business empire.

Your support will fund our campaigns in 2023 to:

1. Step up the grassroots lobbying of the new Congress to pass key bills;
2. Increase our consumer, shareholder, and media pressure on corporations to end their business partnerships with Burma’s army;
3. Organize students and faculty to press their campus to join the movement to end genocide in Burma and throughout the world;
4. Promote “end genocide” bills in cities and states globally that put our taxpayer dollars to work to end mass atrocities in Myanmar and globally.

Your gift of $60, $120, or $250 will help us at this crucial time to develop our grassroots movement, not only to push back the military, but also to support the Myanmar people as they build their new democratic and multi-ethnic government.

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