Protests sweep Myanmar: Coup – Day 7

It’s now Day 7 of the 2/1/21 Myanmar coup. Today, people took to the streets throughout Myanmar in opposition to the military coup. In the biggest protests since the 2007 Saffron Revolution, Myanmar’s new and globally connected #2121Generation is facing down the Burmese police and soldiers. In cities around the world, people are holding protests outside Myanmar embassies … Read more

Myanmar Coup – Day 6: street protests and internet shutdown

It’s now Day 6 of the #2121MyanmarCoup. As I write this blog, I’m seeing on Twitter and Facebook video of brave Burmese citizens on the streets facing down Myanmar police and soldiers.┬áIn an attempt to quell the protests of this new #2121Generation, the Myanmar military is now shutting down the Internet and phone lines. The … Read more

Kirin Ends Partnership With Myanmar Military After the Army’s Genocide and Coup D’Etat

Media Advisory For Immediate Release: February 5th, 2021 In the wake of past genocide against the Rohingya, ongoing mass atrocities against other ethnic minorities, and recent army coup d’etat, the Myanmar military finally stepped too far for its business partner, Kirin Holdings of Japan. Kirin announced today that it would end its business partnerships with … Read more