Tell Apparel Brands to Support the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in Myanmar

For Immediate Release: 11 March 2021 Today, 40 human and labor rights organizations published an open letter calling on the apparel brands sourcing from Myanmar to act to end the intimidation of workers engaged in peaceful pro-democracy protests as part of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). On February 1st, the military executed a coup against … Read more

Dozens killed today: what you can do for the Myanmar people

The videos coming out of Myanmar today are horrific. There’s evidence that the military killed dozens of peaceful protesters, including at least one person in a close-range execution. Reports are that the security forces killed dozens of people in the worst daily atrocity since the military coup. The brave young people of the Civil Disobedience Movement … Read more

Let’s be the Myanmar military’s worst nightmare

We are the Myanmar military’s worst nightmare. We are a growing united front, led by the brave young people of #CivilDisobedienceMovement on the streets in Myanmar. We include people of every ethnicity and every religion in Myanmar. And we also comprise the supporters of the peoples of Myanmar around the world, taking action in solidarity with … Read more

Myanmar military cracks down; what you can do.

It’s night in Myanmar now and the military is cracking down violently. In Myitkyina in Kachin State, soldiers have fired on pro-democracy protesters. All over Myanmar, the military has shut down the Internet and deployed armored vehicles apparently for use in mass arrests. Today, please strike back at this military crackdown by taking the following five … Read more

No Valentine’s Day for Harry Winston and Swatch

Tomorow is Valentine’s Day. It’s the biggest day for gifts of jewelry second only to Christmas. This weekend, let’s send a strong message to luxury jeweler Harry Winston, and its owner Swatch, to stop selling Burmese gems that profit Myanmar’s military. Sign our petition to Harry Winston demanding that it stop supporting the Myanmar military. For … Read more

You did it; US to sanction Myanmar military

It’s now Day 11 of the 2/1/21 Myanmar coup.   Thank you for – in your thousands! – signing our petitions, turning up for protests, contacting your elected representatives, and, all the while, sharing everything you do on social media. Because of your actions, US President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the US will impose sanctions on … Read more

Follow the Money: Coup – Day 10

It’s now Day 10 of the 2/1/21 Myanmar coup. Today, we invite you to follow the money of the Myanmar military. We are still a trigger-point away from Burmese soldiers brutally cracking down on the pro-democracy demonstrators. In 1988, and again in 2007, the Myanmar military fired on peaceful protestors killing thousands. Thus far it appears our … Read more

Cloudflare Must Terminate Its Services For the Myanmar Military

International Campaign for the Rohingya & Burma Campaign UK For Immediate Release: 8 February 2021 Cloudflare Must Terminate Its Services For the Myanmar Military In the wake of the Myanmar military’s February 1st coup d’etat, Burma Campaign UK and International Campaign for the Rohingya today demanded American web services company Cloudflare terminate its services for … Read more