Facebook: Ban the Myanmar Military


It’s long past time for Facebook to take down the pages of Myanmar military companies. These military-owned companies help fund the army and the atrocities it commits. And the social media giant continues to allow the Burmese military to use its accounts to spread hate speech, recruit soldiers, and build its lucrative business empire. Please click here to … Read more

Dozens killed today: what you can do for the Myanmar people

The videos coming out of Myanmar today are horrific. There’s evidence that the military killed dozens of peaceful protesters, including at least one person in a close-range execution. Reports are that the security forces killed dozens of people in the worst daily atrocity since the military coup. The brave young people of the Civil Disobedience Movement … Read more

Two dead in Myanmar, murdered by the military

This is the deadly crackdown that we have feared. This morning, Myanmar troops fired on peaceful #CivilDisobedienceMovement protesters in Mandalay. Two people are reported dead, murdered by the military. The youngest was a 14 year old boy. It is reported that the killers are from the 33rd division of the Burmese army. This division was involved in the … Read more

Let’s be the Myanmar military’s worst nightmare

We are the Myanmar military’s worst nightmare. We are a growing united front, led by the brave young people of #CivilDisobedienceMovement on the streets in Myanmar. We include people of every ethnicity and every religion in Myanmar. And we also comprise the supporters of the peoples of Myanmar around the world, taking action in solidarity with … Read more